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DIARIO DE SEVILLA 22/2/2006. Juan Vergillos.
"...art of suggestion, of possession. Art that breaks you on the inside... "

DE FLAMENCO.COM 28/2/2006. Estela Zatania.
"......she is, as her nickname suggests, a beautiful young woman, but if we're unable to take our eyes off her, it's mostly because of her wonderful dancing...."

INFORMACIÓN DE JEREZ. 28/2/2006. Pepe Martín.
"... After seeing her yesterday," the Moneta" demonstrated she has before her a future full of success..."

DE FLAMENCO.COM 23/4/2006. Manuel Moraga.
"... dancer from Granada who has all the makings of a major star of flamenco dance. She's original and expressive and finds new ways of charging her dancing with powerful emotion.... "

FLAMENCO WORLD. 23/4/2006. Silvia Calado.
"... she gives each style exactly what is required, from her gestures to her choreography..."

EL PAÍS. 24/4/2006. Ángel Álvarez Caballero.
"... She has an intuition for the dance like a total discipline to which she must give herself body and soul..." "... she was immense in everything, immense..."

DE FLAMENCO.COM. 9/7/2006 Stela Zatania.
“... each gesture of that petite body of hers is driven by a deep inner life that only the greatest artists have.”

IDEAL. 28/7/2006. Carlos Arbelos.
"... it was impossible to determine who enjoyed this dance more, the audience who was admiring her or she herself with her fellow performers, her face full of happiness, you could feel her growing on stage..."

DIARIO DE SEVILLA. 30/9/2006. Rubén Gutiérrez.
"... she delighted us with her Alegriás in her bata de cola ( flamenco dress with a long train), she gave feeling to the farruca dressed in a trouser suit and her compass set a standard in her emotive seguiriyas ..."

EL MUNDO. 1/10/2006. Manuel Martín Martín
"... La Moneta left a very good impression. Most noteworthy is her unusual aesthetic, a concept we've come to associate with Juanillo el Gitano whose
every pore seemed to cry out as when grief cuts a swath of pain through
your soul, smelling of the fresh earth where you were born, but also of
the primal broth in which molten bronze tempered pain.... "

ABC. 30/9/2006. Alberto García Reyes.
",,, Extremeño's singing put a magic carpet beneath her feet. Dance whatever you want girl, but dance. And did she ever. The farruca, where she was much more stylized, less primitive, left no doubt about her excellent preparation. But Moneta's greatest asset is precisely the ability to forget what she knows, forget what she did in rehearsal. Her rebellious siguiriya is the proof..."
"La Moneta is an example of freedom.”

FLAMENCO WORLD. 30/9/2006. Silvia Calado.
“... Dressed in a flaming red dress, the dancer switches to seguiriyas. She only needs the clapping trio –undisputed stars of this Bienal– to initiate her performance in triangular formation. Ducking down, and keeping her eyes on the ground, she tears her dancing against long rests, incredible outbursts of strength and charm. Long live the young blood… and the youth with roots.”

DE FLAMENCO.COM. 28/10/2006 Stela Zatania.
“... Her subtle expression marked with brilliant outbursts…”

LA FLAMENCA Nº 18-2006 Oscar Sánchez.
“... Fuensanta La Moneta, accompanied by the singing voice of José Valencia, radiated a strength and a spirit that left us all bewildered. La Moneta danced. Los Palacios became silent and the magic of flamenco had the floor.”

DE FLAMENCO.COM. 28/10/2006 Stela Zatania.
“... No one remains indifferent in the presence of La Moneta…”
“… Wearing a plain red dress, lacking sleeves and train, La Moneta appears, her tweaking and her flamenco spirit moving the audience again and again…”

PASEO (revista japonesa de flamenco)
Covers of issues 7 and 12, 2006.

Press 2006

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